meet Canyon crosby

Artist / Designer / Kook
Canyon Crosby is an artist and designer, drawing inspiration for his works from his travels to exotic places around the world and the unique experiences these places provide. Having grown up in the surf and skate culture of the 80's, that sense of adventure, exploration, and bohemianism remains a prevalent theme in all his creative endeavors. 
His designs for this capsule collection of slim card cases epitomizes how he brings in inspiration from these exotic places. There's a raw equatorial influence in this collection, drawing inspiration from the wild landscapes and beaches of places along the equator.

about landmarks & lions

We are a small studio that creates authentic handmade accessories.
We are designers, makers, and artists.
We are  a husband and a wife, and a family.
We are travelers, wine-lovers, and purveyors of fine things.
We are a small independent family owned business. A couple years ago, we decided to take a sabbatical as we started a family and now we are thrilled to continue sharing with you our labor of love.

our story

Since 2010, we have grown from one product to a whole collection of leather goods lifestyle accessories using heritage techniques catered for a modern sensibility.
We believe in the spirit of adventure, and were inspired to create functional, high quality pieces that will always be a classic.
To this day, we produce in weekly runs; Each product is made by hand, only cut and sewn once we receive your order.

what we do

Once we receive your order, each product is made by hand. Follow along our complete process and check out our behind the scenes video in the studio.